Pancare: the 1st application for pancreatic cancer

It is a great honour for us to announce the release of the “Pancare” platform for Pancreatic Cancer, in collaboration with and on behalf of the Association of Cancer Patients Volunteer Friends and Doctors of Athens – KEFI (

The Pancare platform aims to better inform and support patients and/ or caregivers about the disease and its management. In more detail, users can receive general and categorized information about the disease (e.g. recommendations for better management, prevention tips, treatments, contact and reference information, etc.), and get informed with the latest news about the disease that are published in reliable relevant scientific websites or directly from healthcare professionals, etc. It is also possible for our users to send questions and requests to the KEFI Association, or to doctors, volunteers and other associates of the Association. By creating their own profile, our users are able to communicate with doctors, maintain their health logbook (medication history or events regarding the progression of their illness), and record health measurements and symptom/ side effects.

You can see more at (Android mobile app) and at