TechApps Healthier is supported by Cross4Health for the development of HealthierHome platform!

We are very pleased to announce our support by Cross4Health!

The consortium led by TechApps Healthier (and also comprised of Siba and Quantimetrica) was chosen for support and co-funding by Cross4Health, with the aim to develop HealthierHome platform: an integrated solution for self-management of health at home.

HealthierHome supports the independent living of the elderly and their better monitoring and support by their family members/ caregivers. It empowers elder people to manage multiple aspects of their health, including their special health conditions and the environment in which they live. By combining sensors, smart IoT devices, voice control capabilities and the digital Personal Assistant for health management “Healthier”, we are making a significant step towards creating a safe and favorable environment that protects the health of the elderly and enables them to adopt healthy behaviors, which in turn will allow them to remain in the best possible condition while reducing the need for external support. At the same time, with the accompanying smart pill box, increased adherence to their medication is supported.
Cross4Health is a 3-year project, funded by EU Horizon 2020, aiming to support SMEs in the technology transfer from the energy and aeronautics sectors to the healthcare domain, and the development and validation of innovative solutions.
At TechApps Healthier, we look forward to a successful collaboration and completion of this project. We work hard to strengthen the prevention and better health management of our fellow citizens.  HealhierHome platform will be ready for pilot trials in January 2020.
Υποστήριξη από το Cross4Health για τη δημιουργία της πλατφόρμας HealthierHome!